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To sign up for a group, we require a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. The remainder of the balance is due at the first session for time limited groups.  For ongoing support groups, we charge a monthly fee due at the first week of each month. 

I Feel Better Now! (Ages 7-9)

Post-Hurricane Harvey Processing Group

8 weeks

Starting June 10th, Every Tuesday from 2-3pm


Was your family impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and you think your child has been internalizing their grief around the changes (i.e displacement, evacuation, moving, etc)


I Feel Better Now! is a SITCAP® model evidence-based group program for traumatized children. The program provides psychoeducation about trauma and focuses on the various themes of trauma including safety, hurt, worry, fear, anger and moving from victim to survivor thinking. This program is included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.


Girls Circle (Middle School Age)

Teen Girls Support Group

8 weeks

Starting June 10th, Every Tuesday from 12-1pm


Are you a teen or do you have a teen that is stressed out with school, friendships or want help boosting overall self confidence? This excellent program addresses lifestyle decision-making as well as healthy relationships and promoting the power of self-care. Helps girls examine and evaluate choices through affirmations, role-play, media influence, journal writing, videos and more. Addresses decision-making and definitions of "infatuation, desire, and love" through real teen stories, music messages, and personal standards activity. Outstanding prevention program that promotes critical thinking and is much enjoyed by girls!

This group is designed to be self-exploratory, engaging, and overall extremely FUN!

Infertility Journey: Support Group

When: Every Thursday from 6pm-7pm

Starting July 12th

Open every 4 months for new members to join

The journey to parenthood through infertility treatment can be a long and isolating one. In this group you will find friendship and support from other women who are also struggling, and guidance from a knowledgeable and compassionate counselor. The inability to have a baby without medical intervention often generates deep feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, and low self-esteem, among others. The procedures can be painful, stressful, and sometimes downright traumatic. All these topics and more will be addressed in this weekly, semi-structured group. The group will be be open to new members through the first two meetings in July and closed thereafter to allow for an atmosphere of connection and safety. The group will open for new members every 4 months, so join us, and let us help ease your journey!


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