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Please send an email to admin@juliascounseling or call us directly at (832) 303-8933 to request more information. 
To sign up for Group, you can pay full amount up front or half and half. Call for prices, as they vary per group. 
Some insurance accepted, and prices vary based on group. Please call or email me to inquire. 

Social Skills Group (Ages 9-12)

8 weeks

In Person and Virtually

Learn how to grow your self confidence, learn how to understand emotional self regulation, and learn strategies on interacting with others to build and maintain friendships. 


Parent as Partners in Play Group (Of children any ages)

10 weeks

Virtual with Natasha Prosperi, LMSW

Tuesdays 6:30 OR Fridays at Noon

Starting August 2021


Do you want to understand your child's needs, reflect in your own emotional triggers, set healthy boundaries, learn how to make time with your child more FUN, and respond effectively to challenging behaviors?

This group is designed to be engaging, supportive and overall some quality ME time for you as a parent to feel supported and reinvigorated to continue doing your most important work as a parent.



Redefining Self: Healing and Growing from Relationships(For Adult Age Women)

8 weeks

Virtual with Curby Rogers, LPC

Starting August 2021

This group is designed to be engaging and allow you to seek higher levels of self awareness as an individual, and how your past relationships might be impacting future relationships or how you are feeling about yourself and your self worth. This group will be process and psycho education based.


Teen Group: How to Handle Big Emotions and Social/Emotional Stress


Virtually with Kelly Nelson, LMSW

This group is designed for anyone ages 13+ who may feel overwhelmed with how to deal and cope with ongoing demands of life. Today more than ever, teens are facing pressure from many areas including social media, school, friends, family on who they need to be or how they need to act.  Join this group to learn more about your unique self and how to understand your unique identity and emotions before they overwhelm you. Learn skills, seek support from peers and group leader, and spend time learning how to de-stress your mind. 

Infertility Journey: Support Group

When: Every Monday at Noon

Virtually with Sarah Stoune, LPC

The journey to parenthood through infertility treatment can be a long and isolating one. In this group you will find friendship and support from other women who are also struggling, and guidance from a knowledgeable and compassionate counselor. The inability to have a baby without medical intervention often generates deep feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, and low self-esteem, among others. The procedures can be painful, stressful, and sometimes downright traumatic. All these topics and more will be addressed in this weekly, semi-structured group. The group will be be open to new members through the first two meetings in July and closed thereafter to allow for an atmosphere of connection and safety. The group will open for new members every 4 months, so join us, and let us help ease your journey!