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Please send an email to admin@juliascounseling or call/text us directly at (832) 303-8933 to request more information and/or register. 

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Free to Be Me: Social Skills Group (Ages 6-11)

Summer 2022 Starting June

6 weeks at Woodlands Location

Thursdays or Saturdays

Learn how to grow your self confidence, learn how to understand emotional self regulation, and learn strategies on interacting with others to build and maintain friendships. 


Emotional Regulation using Yoga (Parent and Child Group ages 5-12)

6 weeks

Summer 2022 Starting June


This group is designed to be engaging using yoga to teach your child more about their emotions and how to express/process them. 


Parents group will occur simultaneously. Learn how to recognize your own parenting triggers and learn skills to deal with your child's big emotions. Come together with your child for last 15 minutes of group to practice the skills learned together. 


Teen Group: Expressive Arts Processing and Support Group

Ongoing, Monthly commitment at a time required

Wednesdays at 6pm in Person Memorial Location 

with Didi Martinez, LMSW

This group is designed for teens ages 13-17 to process their feelings using different mediums of art. Weekly themes and prompts will help explore and process different emotions.  Weekly mediums will be introduced, including clay, canvas, sketch, collage, and more. 

Science and Skills of Parenting Series (for parents of kids 3-12)


Virtual with Amanda Harrington, LPC, RPT

This group is designed to help your child's current or future individual therapy facilitate healing quicker.  It will be a skill and support group for parents of kids ages 3-12. Learn the latest neuroscience behind parenting and regulating your child, recognizing parenting triggers to break maladaptive generational patterns, and learn how to co-regulate your child's brain during moments of frustration.