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Rachel Schaffer

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About Me 

Rachel is a Master of Social Work Student at the University of Houston. She has worked with children of all ages for over a decade, including early childhood education, childcare centers, and as a private childcare provider. Her gentle guidance serves as a comforting presence, working to nurture and heal the emotional well-being of children. Her therapeutic niche is working with children and teens, and she will pursue her registered play therapy credential. 


Before moving to Houston, Texas, Rachel majored in Social Work at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut. In addition to her studies, she has worked with refugees and immigrant families in Connecticut as the Director of Health at Elena's Light. During her time as the Director of Health, Rachel put together donation drives, women's health classes, socio-emotional summer programs, and research projects on the proper clinical assessment tools for non-English speaking families.


She brings valuable experience working with teens and applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. At her last internship, Rachel worked for Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven, Connecticut, providing one-on-one therapy for teens struggling with mental health concerns, familial issues, substance misuse, and economic challenges. Her focus remained on building trust, providing support, and addressing the unique cultural and environmental factors that impacted the teens' well-being.


During her previous professional journey in early childhood education, Rachel found that the role of a teacher constantly involved instructing children, which did not resonate with her nature. Instead, her passion lies in child-centered, non-directive play therapy, where she allows children to take the lead in expressing themselves. This shift allows for a more individualized approach, aligning seamlessly with her beliefs about working at a child's natural pace. Through the lens of child-centered play therapy, Rachel recognizes that healing occurs when the child is allowed to lead the way and that trust is built over countless moments of understanding and acceptance. Rachel works devotedly for the betterment of each young soul, creating a therapeutic environment where the power of play becomes a guiding force, fostering self-discovery and paving the way for healing and growth.


Looking ahead, Rachel is working towards expanding her expertise through various clinical certifications and training opportunities during her time at Julia's Counseling. She anticipates further certifications in play therapy and is excited about the prospect of continuing her professional development and enhancing her therapeutic skills. Rachel is eager to combine her extensive experience with young children while working at Julia’s Counseling.  


During her free time, Rachel enjoys trying out new recipes with her husband (the latest being homemade ice cream), and biking around Houston's trails!



Southern Connecticut State University, Bachelor of Social Work, 2023

University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work, Master of Social Work, August 2024 (Anticipated)


Additional Training and Certifications:

Global Leaders of Behavioral Health Education 2023-24 Cohort

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