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Jairus is a master’s student in Clinical Social Work at the University of Houston. He has experience working with people of different age ranges from children to adults. Building a healthy professional relationship with his clients is an aspect of therapeutic work Jairus values most. Helping clients overcome difficult experiences such as trauma, depression, and anxiety is the forefront of his work and specialization. Jairus is focusing on children and teens in private practice at his practicum and will learn and implement child centered play therapy techniques to work with children to foster relationship and healing. 


Prior to becoming a graduate student at the University of Houston, Jairus completed his Bachelor’s in Science degree in Psychology at Brigham Young University in Idaho. During his time as an undergraduate student, his passion for mental health work began as a student mentor for college students with special needs. This experience has taught him the value of helping others and in strengthening individuals in their goals and in overcoming each person’s unique challenges. He has also grown in experience as he worked in case management, community-based rehabilitation, and behavioral intervention for several years before pursuing a graduate degree in Social Work.


During his time as a Community-Based Rehabilitation Specialist, Jairus has provided several clients with valuable skills in Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT). The skills he has provided has helped several clients that have dealt with issues in trauma, emotional regulation, anxiety, and depression. He has also had experience in collaborating with other mental health professionals to further aid in all of his clients’ development not only in mental health but in other aspects of their day-to-day lives. 


Jairus is trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and spent time working with children with intellectual developmental disabilities. During his time as a behavioral interventionist, Jairus has helped clients develop skills in independent living and has provided relief and training for families who live with a family member with developmental disabilities. 


In the future, Jairus plans to become a fully licensed Clinical Social Work psychotherapist with the goal of starting his own private practice in Houston as he strives to develop his therapeutic skills. During his free time, Jairus enjoys spending time with family, discovering new foods, and camping in the great outdoors.



Brigham Young University - Idaho, Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, 2021

University of Houston, Masters in Social Work, August 2024 (Anticipated)


Additional Training and Certificates:

Youth Mental Health First Aid

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