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We specialize in working with the following issues related to infertility.


We also have a therapist on staff who is able to perform assessments for individuals wishing to become an Egg donor or Surrogate

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples in the United States, and it's not just women. About 1/3 of infertility problems are attributed to women, 1/3 are attributed to men, and 1/3 is either both partners or simply unknown. Treating infertility may be as easy as taking a pill or undergoing a simple medical procedure, but many people must undergo more invasive procedures, like in-vitro fertilization, to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Regardless of what treatments you may be prescribed, the likelihood is that you will also experience stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, self-esteem issues, and other challenging emotions. Counseling can help you deal with the emotional impact of accepting your (or your partner's)  infertility and support you as you embark on the journey to parenthood through medical intervention, and all the prior stress, grief and loss, and other emotions that accompany the journey.

IVF Journey

The road to parenthood through medical intervention is not a short one. It often takes months or even years of constant attention by the hopeful parent(s) and medical providers. It often involves shots, painful medical procedures, dogged determination, wild mood swings, and all to often bone-crushing disappointment. Having a counselor who is knowledgeable about this journey who can provide help and support may lessen your stress and give you a safe place to process the emotional roller-coaster this journey sets you on.



Sadly, the journey to parenthood through medical intervention often results in miscarriage. The loss of any child is devastating, but the loss of one so longed for by those going through the infertility journey can be even more painful. Compassionate counseling can help in the process of grieving and moving forward.

Choosing adoption (both traditional and embryo adoption)

When the medical profession has run out of options to offer in the quest for parenthood, adoption often becomes an alternative. However, giving up the dream of your own biological child often requires both grieving the child that is not to be while at the same time adjusting to the idea of parenting a child that is not genetically related. A counselor can help you work through both the grief and the emotional adjustments required to become a parent through adoption.

Partner support

Whether your partner is an active participant in the medical process (i.e. administering shots, sperm or egg donation, etc.) or is only providing emotional support, their role in the journey to parenthood is essential. They may find that a counselor can help them work through their own issues with infertility, stress, and difficult emotions as they continue to provide support for their partner. 

Medical trauma

There is no way to avoid painful medical procedures if you embark on the IVF journey. For many, the constant shots, invasive scans, and painful procedures can become a source of trauma over and above the emotional trauma of the infertility itself. Through talk therapy, mindfulness practices, and trauma-focused therapies like EMDR, we our counselors can help you process and release this trauma and move on in a healthy way.

Peer Support/Groups

Knowing you (and your partner) are not alone on the fertility journey can significantly improve your emotional health. Through our counselor-led support group you can meet with others who "get it," and tackle topics that will help you reduce stress, process difficult emotions, and prepare for the next steps in your journey. Please contact us for dates and times. 


We have a therapist on staff who can perform assessments for individuals wishing to become an Egg Donor or Gestational Surrogate.

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